Cinemates Studios is a media company consisting of young, talented and creative people coming together with one goal: creating the best content possible.

It all started when we (founders: Peter and Kelvin) decided to make little videos and publish these on the internet.
The huge ambition for film and storytelling that was deep down inside of us still runs through the veins of what our company has become today.

We believe in today’s world. This world has countless stories to tell and stories of which we’ll feel honoured to bring to a bigger audience.



With years of experience in video production, we use our variety of skills to make commercials, music videos, series, branded content and much more. We’re highly flexible, vertically integrated and believe in the power of combining different ways of media.  We produce content and create reach on our platforms. And let’s not forget: no matter what job we’re on, we’ll always make sure we’re having fun while we’re at it.


Interested in working together? Shoot us an e-mail, let’s schedule a meeting, have a milk and get married.